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Anyone got an opinion on Greece and it's effect on the EU Markets?

Even the Greek rating downgrade hasn't unsettled anyone.

this can all be done with computer coding automatically but you can monitor in realtime if the code is beyond your capabilities , the coding saves you from having to watch nonstop , it can be autotraded with coding Don't want to drag this on for fear of more sarcasm from people on here only for lack of something else to do but you sharpened my curiosity...

are you saying you coded your own algorithm or are you saying one optionally needs to code the "off the shelf" program to modify the parameters?

One of the thing's I've always wondered is how day traders "keep tabs" on what to jump in/out of I struggle to keep tabs of 5 companies over a long period!

I've decided forex is a voodo art that I'll never understand! When I started I'd be chasing markets as they moved and end up making wrong decisions, got wiped out twice before I learned to keep cool.

Plus CGT discount to factor in if you held onto them. Even the Oil Companies I bought are up despite Oil being down.

Wed & Thu looked like the beginning of a controlled correction but by Fri things got flat again.But, while holding I traded another lot of QBE 18 times, each time profit target of 3% 3x18=54%. Perhaps, but if you go back to the GFC, QBE was one of the very few stocks that held firm at so I think that at purchase it was a good choice, thereafter it increased it's exposure to US underwriting and got killed, mainly by Cathrena. companies can change in ways that don't necessarily appear bad but get killed anyway. NY just opened and it's going bunkers pulling EU up with it.So, my buy & hold lot is still there waiting for the 30% target, meanwhile the other lot traded 18 times with a 54% profit and still trading it. Just looking at the dividend history, you would have been paid .27 over the last six years. Got in 12 US & 5 EU positions during last week's dip and the way it looks I'll be out of 6 of them in a while at the target level.News are important as this will tell you whether an event is continuing or a one off.I also look at Routers news specific to stocks I flagged.Just because someone does something that is quite profitable, doesn't mean that they should be the richest person ever Buy & hold is nether lucrative nor safe anymore, if you don't have the time or don't want to trade then you are better off in a managed fund.


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