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Last month the People’s Daily newspaper warned that “social harmony and stability” could be threatened if millions of rural men were unable to find partners.

But China’s super-rich women are facing problems of their own, said Mr Du, not least finding time to scout for would-be husbands.

'We have 600 members, mostly elderly,' the women said.

Club member Janine Halls said she was willing to chain herself to the fence, naked, in order to save her club.

The club said the prospect of losing its Bowls Club was inconceivable.

'This has been our sporting home for 60 years and we matter too! The women created a petition page with the hope they would garner enough signatures to save their beloved club.

UK-based graduates of “famous [British] universities” had also applied, he said.“He should have some economic strength, at least 10 million yuan in assets, since all my friends have that much money or more and the personal wealth is a reflection of integrated capability.He needs to have good morals and healthy lifestyle.” Applicants should also be prepared to relocate to Chengdu, a rapidly growing city around 1,240 miles west of Shanghai, famed for its pandas, fiery cuisine and aviation and car manufacturing industries.“I believe this is the first time [there has been such a scheme] only tailored for wealthy women,” Mr Du told The Daily Telegraph this week during a visit to Shanghai, one of the cities he is tapping for potential husbands.Dating is big business in China, a country that is reputedly home to some 180 million single people.Early this year the founder of one of China’s biggest online dating sites – – told local television his company was making annual profits of around £20 million from its 36 million registered users.


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