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Without commenting on whether historical Islam teaches violence, I can unequivocally say the vast majority of Muslims in the West are truly peaceful people.Misconception #2: “Muslims are all the same.” From Sufis to Salafis, Arabs to Bosnians, nominals to zealots, that could not be further from the truth. A universe without a god would by necessity be a place without absolute morals, without ultimate hope, without true meaning, without altruistic love, and without inherent value.He began by sharing his insights into some common misconceptions about Muslims. What are a few common misconceptions evangelical Christians have about Muslims?The unfortunate truth is that most people who call themselves Christians live nothing like Christ and just take His name in vain.But as long as there are Muslims, there will be Christians who need to be equipped to share the Gospel with them in compelling compassion.Until that is no longer the case, I am honored to discuss my former way of life to build up the body of Christ. Thanks for taking the time to share with us, Nabeel.Because of this, they maintain unfortunate misconceptions about their Muslim neighbors.Here are the three most prevalent misconceptions I have seen: Misconception #1: “Muslims are violent people.” Of the thousands of Muslims I grew up with and knew as a child, not a single one promoted violence.

He secured our eternity for us because we cannot earn our own salvation, and He offered proof of eternal life by rising from the grave and defeating death.

As a Christian who focuses on the Gospel message, I believe that we are called to sacrificially love everyone, including both Israelis and Palestinians.

We must understand the plight of the Palestinians as well as that of the Israelis.

Far from seeing this as a human process, I see the hand of the Holy Spirit in this. Recently, a devout, evangelical, Palestinian pastor was interviewed by and said, “I hope my brothers and sisters in the West …

have enough room in their hearts not just for Israel but also for the Palestinians.” As a former Muslim, what are your thoughts on this complicated conflict?


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