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He and an attorney have had control over the singer's personal and financial affairs since then, and Goetz held several hearings a year to get updates on Spears' health, finances and other issues.Spears rarely attends the hearings but has met several times with the judge.Photo Credit: AKM-GSI at exactly the same location in Bay Ridge, used in the movie.It’s now a Chinese restaurant, but Mech had a special lighted dancefloor built and redecorated the place for his party.He invited them all to dinner and gave each one designer luggage filled with bills! George said many of his longtime friends –“the boys” -did not achieve the success that he did, so he wanted to relieve their financial worries.Randi Gerber revealed this news – apparently he was among the lucky 13. Amal was not in the picture yet, so he didn’t eliminate women because of her.

Luna, 19 months old, already looks like a tiny sophisticated New Yorker in her little pink coat.Trawick has served as an agent for Spears, 30, and appeared in court with his future wife last month.Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz closed the proceedings after attorneys handling the conservatorship said they intended to discuss the singer's medical care and trade secrets.Bernard Project & the Spears family at a private residence in Beverly Hills, Calif.(May 11, 2011) Photo Credit: Getty Images LOS ANGELES - Britney Spears has requested that her fiance join her father in decision-making duties involving the pop superstar's conservatorship, court filings show.They recently bought a beachfront house in Carpenteria, California, and on Monday the raging fires came so close they had to evacuate their cats and dogs – and move into another one of their homes.


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