Validating package spec custom

The build works but there is an issue with verification so I am just not verifying any features that depend on the aardvarkhttpbundles feature.

It will verify features after they if they do not have any http dependencies but will not verify features that do. It will not verify if you add it in the pom verification section. You will not be able to check the aardvark stuff but you should be able to reproduce the error by trying to verify jax-rs-connector.

I'm experiencing a similar problem using the 4.1.1 karaf maven plugin feature verification.

It appears that the plugin is attempting to uninstall org.ops4url.wrap/2.5.2 for some reason.

Isn't a bug in whichever feature isn't properly declaring its dependency on wrap?

The attribute must be entirely alphabetic characters.

The attribute may have alpha-numeric characters, as well as dashes and underscores.

The attribute must be an array and all its values must be different. The attribute must not be included in thee given array.

The attribute must be present only if at least one of the attributes in array are present.


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