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The manager was very attentive to our enjoyment of our food when he was dropping it off, he even made sure my parents cut into their steaks to make sure they were done correctly.

My dad’s was perfect, however, my mom’s was a little under cooked, the manager was very apologetic and accommodating and took her steak back to cook it a little bit longer. I had ordered the Ultimate Burger and could not believe how greasy it was, so much so that the wax paper it was served on was puddled with white liquid grease from the burger.

If this corporation had any sense, they’d be in there drug testing this sick dude and making sure his a** in out on the streets where he can’t hurt anyone.

He’s a hazard to everyone in Salt Lake who might potentially walk in those restaurant doors.

Our server was rude and very loud, wish I could remember his name. He was rude to all his tables and we could hear him telling other servers about his tables, spouting racist comments and cursing about them because they weren’t “white”. Not only that but I’m pretty sure I could smell alcohol coming off his breath which might have been the reason he was so loud and annoying. That server should be fired for drinking on the job, cursing and spouting racist slurs at other patrons. Reply My husband and I ate at the 2709 Broadway, Pearland, Texas location last night. My husband ordered fajitas and I ordered margarita chicken. Reply The manager at the Sandy UT restaurant has made comments that are completely unacceptable and disgusting and have been audible to customers sitting near the kitchen doors.

Brinker International, the owner of Chili’s, is also the owner of Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant chains.

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And she needed to get my name.” She got back on the phone and recanted her statement, “claiming nobody saw anything.” I returned to the restaurant to retrieve my wallet only to see that NO customers had been seated at my table since I left.

I then wanted to know who bussed my table and the management team was unable to tell me.


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