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We both headed over towards my SUV, but I never took my eye off him. "And that silk green thong sticking out back there too."He gawked at it for a moment before I slowly leaned back."Do you need to masturbate now, I can look away while you do it if you'd like? "I think I'll be alright, Heather.""Are you sure, I know a guy needs to relieve himself when the time comes.

""Lisa, we're both adults, and we are just chatting.

I giggled for a moment and rubbed his leg too as neither of us spoke a word.

Nothing and everything needed to be said, solely depending on where the conversation might go."That's cool, Heather. ""I just thought you'd like to know, Patrick."Suddenly, I felt a tap on my left shoulder.

Alist," he said, passing me."Oh, fuck that, call me Heather, Patrick," I informed him, keeping my eyes on him and putting my hands on my hips. I love how you curled your black hair; it suits you.""Thank you, Patrick," I mentioned before hugging him.

"I'm your best friend's mom."He suddenly halted in front of me and cheesed a bit. 'Oh, I think I sparked something downstairs.'"You are quite a handsome brunette with a sexy and fit body.


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