True dating website reviews

I recently hired an escort who took 120 pound up front, she did not even come close to achieving the desired effect and when asked for 10 pound return for the lack of completion I was met with a driver who claimed to not understand me but also drove away rather than solving the issue.

long story short, this company clearly only cares about money they can grab and not giving satisfactory service, do NOT use under any circumstance Last month I arranged for a female escort who was advertising on Vivastreet to visit me for a 2 hour outcall at my house.

AW seems to be an alternative if you are in the UK like I am. She evinced no warmth or humour, no interest in her work. To her credit, she offered to refund me ten pounds (although on the site it says that half an hour is €50).

Does hiring out your time to have sex give you the right to treat your customers like scum? Did her mother and father, and brothers and sisters and aunts in Romania, force her into prostitution? My verdict is - if an escort is disengaged and awkward at the beginning, she is unlikely to learn kindness and consideration in the ensuing session.

Stunning place very high quality parlour with amazing hot girls wow I'm still reeling from last visit to two hot bi girls wot a experience!!! They are now quite draconian and hypocritical, as they allow obscene popups, yet rules for independent advertisers are far too limited. Photos you put up can disappear without an explanation.

For those interested dungeon and glory hole in new premises if that's your thing but if not I'm sure whatever your thing is they will cater for it, definately would recommend this discreet establishment Bad news for an Independent Escort. If you do not check daily, you may have no advert up at all.

I will never use Vivastreet again, it used to be quite a tasteful site. I read a lot of bad reviews on here but will try to give you an honest opinion .

I was scared at first to make an appointment with an escort but am now relieved I did it , there can be some bad girls on there that rush you even though they say otherwise but the majority of these girls are really nice and will do their best for you .

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Better we go with adult work is a trust website and you can make money not lose money .vivastreet not good waisting time and lose money.

From 2017 vivastreet is not good anymore for independent escort charge huge price per week in UK and remuve with no reason the pictures even if is genuine.

They think the girls are rich with 1000 visitors lol and they think we aford to pay per week huge price.

She arrived, I paid her the agreed fee of £300 in cash.

After 20 minutes she said that she had to go to her car which was parked a little way up my street to get a can of coke. I texted her after 20 minutes or so to try to ascertain what was going on and got evasion.


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