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The same comments regarding disk/filesystem issues drivers also applies to network drivers. Usually if I switch channel groups in the timeline view the guide is magically updated so it seems that the guide data is there but it is not shown until switching groups. I am using Next PVR as my backend with EPG from Schedules direct. The back-end successfully pulls the EPG from OTA every six hours.Kodi will populate the EPG every time the front-end is restarted (), but will eventually go blank once the guide data runs out. I've changed the PVR settings to update the guide during playback and set the update interval to 60 minutes to no avail.I can do this all through the EPG and each time I view a station a couple of pages of the adjacent stations on the EPG get filled in for the next programme or 2.After an hour or 2 when those programmes have elapsed the EPG is blank again but it can always be refreshed as above.I've noticed if I open the guide before all of the guide data has been read from the backend, then the guide view in Kodi is incomplete and sometimes will not update until I reboot.I'm also having this problem with my RPi2 with media portal as a backend and now also on Tv Headend backend on the same Rpi2.I have an issue where the EPG/Guide is not updating with new content unless I restart Kodi (currently restarting via crontab as a workaround).I've checked in the TVHeadend web interface and that is fully populated with current EPG data so that appears to work ok.

If I then go back to the EPG there is programme info for that station and usually another dozen or so adjacent stations but only for the next couple of programmes, not a week or so. In general its a great TV but it has a problem with the on-board satellite tuner EPG which doesn't update properly.If I switch to the satellite tuner and look at the EPG it has no programme info.If it is a disk issue, it may be related to filesystem drivers.I noticed that you are using a rather old kernel (3.16), and current kernels are either 4.4 for LTS for 4.8 for stable.Works great after restart then the loss seams to happen after the 3 day limit setting and never updates after that until a restart happens.


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