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He seems to be in his early twenties, and he is slouching in his chair.He seems to be completely comfortable with the situations.This is an exceptional amplifier in terms of it's vintage and condition.Guitar Player magazine reviewed the amp in its "Exotica" dating vox ac30, December Rough tolex, no top-boost, cutouts for black vents and silver Celestions adds up to mid It has alnico blues, grey-blue panel, integrated top boost channel, black grill cloth, 5 way mains voltage switch and serial number XX.I also get a pair of glasses, that will keep track of my eye movement.

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While I walk away, I decide to study the results very well, once they arrive.

Tan covering, brass vents, leather strap handles, black control panel, square rear cabinet edges.

Elantric Jun 24, These early amps sported a thin white covering "Rexine" with a small printed diamond pattern and larger diamond pattern grill cloth.

When I walk into the tent where the dating experiment takes place, the researchers immediately tell me I am being too noisy.

The boy who is supposed to be my blind date, is not allowed to hear me yell that I think this is all very uncomfortable, because that can influence the research results.


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