Inurl draft guidelines for mandating the use of ipsec

In addition, NIST plans to disallow the algorithm for TLS, IPsec and possibly other protocols.

TLS is discussed in SP 800-52,which will also be available for public comment soon.

Bellovin Best Current Practice [Page 1] RFC 5406 IPsec Usage February 2009 1.

Introduction The Security Considerations sections of many Internet Drafts say, in effect, "just use IPsec".

NIST urges all users of TDEA to migrate to AES as soon as possible.

NIST is developing a draft deprecation timeline for the 3-key variant of TDEA including a sunset date.

­ AES is specified in FIPS 197, A security analysis and practical demonstration of attacks on TDEA in several real-world protocols, done by Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Gaëtan Leurent of Inria (Paris), available at, provide evidence that the collision attack on TDEA represents a serious security vulnerability for many common uses of these protocols — including the HTTPS protocol for secure Internet connections.

Moreover, the analysis shows that the security vulnerability remains serious unless more stringent limits are imposed on the amount of data that can be encrypted under a single 3-key bundle than the current data limit recommended by NIST in SP 800-67, Revision 1.

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