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More than 7% of women and about 0.3% of men are the victim of marital rape or rape by a former spouse, current or former partner they live with, or by a date at some time in their life.

Men who perpetrate spousal rape tend to be motivated by having a position of power in their marriage, to minimize or deny their abusive actions, and to use their children to manipulate their wife and impose male privilege. "Polyvictimizaiton, Childhood Victimization, and Psychological Distress in College Women." Childhood Maltreatment 14.: 127-147.

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Detention and other incarceration is often the setting for rape or other sexual assault for boys and men. C.: National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, July 2000. "Ensuring Forensic Medical Exams for All Sexual Assault Victims: A Toolkit for States and Territories." Violence Against Women Online Resources, Dec. Any intervention tends to be more effective when sensitively administered in a timely way so that the survivor of a rape or other sexual assault will not have to be subjected to more questioning or other interactions than are necessary. The primary issues addressed include medical treatment of any injuries, collection of evidence, preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, and providing psychosocial support. Other facts about this form of sexual violation include that about 15% of women and 3% of men over 17 years of age report being raped at some time during their lifetime. About 10% of rapes are committed by more than one attacker. It takes place in some societies in the form of childhood marriage, is used to torture and demoralize others in times of war, and is sometimes perpetrated by members of the military on their own colleagues. "Alcohol Abuse as a Risk Factor for and Consequence of Child Abuse." Alcohol Research & Health 25.1 (2001): 52-56. Behaviorally, the victim of sexual violence might become aggressive, abuse substances, or break rules, like not attending work or school. "Prison Rape: The Challenge of Prevention and Enforcement." May 2006. Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005; 1/4/05, HR-3402.


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